P.P.M.Thangaiah Nadar
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Exports & General Merchants of Senna and High Grade Medicinal Herbs Exporters and Importers of Senna, Vinca and Other High Grade Medicinal Herbs

We export Senna, Vinca and many medicinal herbs that are very useful in the production of herbal medicines.

The products we export include:

Cassia Alata Leaves Emblica Officinalis Eucalyptus Leaves
Galangal Roots Garcinia Cambogia Guava Leaves
Gurcuma Aromatica Gumbenzoin Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves
Henna Leaves Henna Powder Hydrocotyle Asiatica
Jambul Seeds Lemon Grass Mucana Seeds
Neem Leaves Phylanthus Phylanthus Niruri(Amaraus)
Passiflora Herbs Papaya Senna Leaves Prime No.1,2,3,4,5.
Salacia Reticulata Roots Sarasaparilla Roots Senega Root
Senna Leaves "T" Cut Senna Leaves Senna Seeds
Senna Pods Hand Picked Senna Stems Senna Pods

Senna Stem "T"Cut Big,Small
0-5,0-10 mm

Stramonium Leaves Stramonium Seeds
Soapnut Seeds Thippili Tamarind
Tulasi Leaves Valerian Roots Vinca Rosea Leaves
Vinca Rosea Stems Vinca Rosea Roots Vinca Rosea Seeds
Vetiveri Roots White Squills Winter Green Leaves
White squills Dried Withania Sominifera Yellow Dock Roots
Zeodary Root  

Quality :

We give highest priority to the quality of flowers, stems, roots and seeds. Our years of expertise enable us to choose the best quality products. All the above processes we follow are hygienic; at the same time our products greatly serve your purpose.